Port Richmond


Port Richmond is a neighborhood in the Northeast section of Philadelphia bordered by Bridesburg and Frankford to the northeast, Juniata to the north, Kensington to the west, and Fishtown to the south.

The neighborhood is bounded by the Frankford Creek. on the north, Lehigh Ave. on the south, I-95 and the Delaware River to the east, and the railroad along Trenton Avenue/Martha Street to the west. While some people dispute the western boundary of the neighborhood, stating either Aramingo Avenue or Front Street, general consensus among residents on either side of the railroad is that those east of it claim Port Richmond and those west of it claim Kensington.

Port Richmond is a residential neighborhood with a deep and proud cultural history encompassing several centuries. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Polish people settled on farms in Port Richmond. As a major naval port, many flocked here for steady work. Lately, there has been an influx of a younger generation moving in and joining the long standing families in working to keep this neighborhood great.

Today, there are a number of restaurants and stores in the area of Richmond Street and Allegheny Avenue that cater to the Polish-American community. The Krakus Market on Richmond Street offers a large selection of Polish and Eastern European foods, including a variety of kiebasy, Polish canned goods, Polish newspapers and various types of famous Polish pastries, such as Babka, Chrusciki and Paczki.

One great thing about this neighborhood is the emphasis on small businesses. Independently operating BMK Builders have a strong hold on bringing new life into the neighborhood. While building new constructions they haven’t lost sight of the community by allowing the individual end user to customize almost every aspect of the interiors of each high quality home. For their new home owners, they, along with Urban Renewal Builders, renovated a café and apartment building on Richmond Street. Richmond was once a bustling street full of small market vendors. By opening River Wards Café they aim to reignite foot traffic commerce on Richmond Street. Already the neighborhood has embraced them. They serve local coffee from beloved Fishtown roasters, ReAnimator, highlighting their support of local business and the makers that are rejuvenating the area.

Philadelphia’s famous award-winning Polish American String Band which marches in the famous Mummers Parade down Broad Street on New Year’s Day, sometimes marches and struts through the neighborhood, as on Port Richmond’s Memorial Day celebration. Port Richmond is also historically noted for the trolley tracks that run down Richmond Street along the Delaware River.

Port Richmond is a solid neighborhood full of thriving families and some of the Philly Home Girls’ favorite clients. The arts community is alive and well and small business are flourishing.

Mackenzie Blue