Matt & Emily


Self-proclaimed wanderers, Emily and Matt loved this house enough to settle down and make it home. But their yearning for adventure is pushing them to take their home mobile and drive across the country with their pup in tow! This house has meant so much to them as they planted roots in Philadelphia. Here is their story!

Matt + Emily

1122 Snyder Avenue | Passyunk

Represented by Bill Ball

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How would you describe your personal interior design style?
Eclectic, Psychedelic & Retro

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?
You're My Best Friend - by Queen! We actually entered our wedding reception to this song :)

How would you describe your neighborhood?
Family- Oriented, tight - knit, multi-generational, with easy access to the wonderful east passyunk

If you could use your house as the setting for a remake of a movie, which movie would it be?
The Sandlot - we both love that movie, and we can picture a young kid living here running out to play with his or her friends in the neighborhood.

What was your non-negotiable when it came to finding your dream home?

What's your favorite room? Why?
The kitchen. We like to cook together and listen to music from the 50s while we cook. We have also had many parties where this has become the gathering place.

What is one thing you need in your home to make it yours?
Art on the walls and momentos from our travels.

What makes you (or your family) laugh?
Almost every actor that came from SNL

If you could throw a theme party in your house, what would be the theme?
This is pretty obscure - Twin Peaks.

A day spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?
Breakfast at Chayya Cafe (coffee shop), and a nightcap at Lucky 13 (bar)

How has your home changed from move-in day?
We've slowly added our personal touches to make it ours. It's gone from a house to a home thanks to the memories we've made in it and decorating it with stories of our adventures.

What's your favorite memory of your home?
The parties we've had and the traditions we've created. - We had a surprise "Superhero" themed party for Matt's 30th, started the tradition of an annual "Valentines Brunch" with our entire family, and have hosted friends each year for the mummers parade.

What was the catalyst to you purchasing a new home?
We had just gotten married, (having met each other 10 years prior in this wonderful city), and wanted to make our life here permanent.

What's your favorite piece of Philly culture?
The individual neighborhoods - each has their own style, unique restaurants/shops, and a tight-knit community.

Why are you guys moving?

We both have found more flexible jobs (Matt is doing independent contracting from his home office, and Emily is a travel nurse). So, we are selling our house so we can travel the country with our dog, hopefully in our new RV. We both love to travel and the open road ignites us. We are so excited to let our wanderlust take us where it wants to go!

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