Lindsey & Joe


“From the moment we stepped in, we knew this was the house.”

It all started with a search for exposed brick. Lindsey and Joe had been living on the border of Old Kensington/Northern Liberties/Fishtown for the last two and a half years, but knew they were ready to buy. They loved the area they were in and when I tell you that they are big in their community, you better believe that they are big in their community. It means everything to them – local shops, neighbors, corner bars. This is their bread and butter.


But the prices were at the higher end of their budget without any renovations and they weren’t looking to settle for just any home. They reluctantly started expanding their search into Port Richmond with little knowledge about the area – in Lindsey’s words, they only knew that “it was very Polish and had Stock’s Bakery!” One search for exposed brick later and our very own Bill Ball had them walking through their dream home.

It is an older home that was newly renovated – in the words of their inspector, “This was a good flip.” Blue accent walls, incredible staging (so good in fact, they purchased the furniture from the company!) and BRICK.

The backyard needed some love, but Lindsey was committed to sprucing it up. “My first season, my flowers thrived even though I had no idea what I was doing. This season, I did a bunch of research, purchased more expensive plants, and have managed to kill about five. I’m on my third round of planting some…I guess that’s how you learn…”

So, the house was perfect – now it was all about the neighborhood. Time to see what a Friday night in Port Richmond was like – a reconnaissance mission if you will. A night of bar hopping ensued. The Corner Bar, Gaul & Co. and Mick’s Inn. Around 2 AM, they headed back to the front steps of their dream home, sat down and smiled. The next morning, Bill was submitting an offer. They were sold on Port Richmond. Although Lindsey and Joe have a list of their favorite spots, we could only name a few:

Bait and Switch – “They have AMAZING seafood. They also have lots of special events. We have attended an oyster-shucking contest, Harry Potter trivia, and more than once I’ve sang, “Bette Davis Eyes” during Saturday night karaoke.”

Tacconelli’s – “This is consistently ranked as one of the best pizza places in America. It is as bare bones as you get: BYOB, all staff are family members, and you are served on paper plates…but the pizza is amazing!”

River Wards Cafe – “Almost every Saturday morning, we take Omar (the furry family member) and walk to River Wards Cafe on Richmond Street. One of us goes in to order as Omar sits patiently outside, watching from inside the glass doors the whole time.”

Lindsey and Joe are the quintessential Philly (& Wisconsin) couple. They are the couple you want to invite to every occasion because being around them makes everyone else feel good! Port Richmond is lucky to have them!

Mackenzie Blue