Laura & Morgan


What do HGTV, the movie Signs and pasta have in common? They are the hallmarks of Laura & Morgan’s home!

With a baby on the way and a move across the country in their future, they’ve been pretty busy. We wanted to check in and say one last goodbye to the house that Laura and Morgan have made into a home! Get to know their story and see where all of the character comes from!


1. How would you describe your personal interior design style?

We really like folk art from all over, and try to incorporate it into our home projects.

2. How would you describe your neighborhood?

Our neighborhood is lively and supportive. All of the families on the block are protective of one another, organize clean-ups and parties together, and truly care for each other's families. We love it!  

3. If you could use your house as the setting for a remake of a movie, which movie would it be?

Signs – there are always water glasses sitting around the house.

4. What was your non-negotiable when it came to finding your dream home?

Great light, a welcoming and safe neighborhood, and enough space to grow our family.  Having some manageable projects to feed our HGTV mania helped, too!

5. What's your favorite room? Why?

The kitchen is our favorite. It's a great layout, open to the rest of the house so there's plenty of space to cook and still hang out with everyone.

6. What is one thing you need in your home to make it yours?


7. If you could throw a theme party in your house, what would be the theme?

It would probably be a party theme based on Rory, our snuggly little mutt.

8. A day spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?

First stop: Four Worlds Bakery – because who doesn't love delicious fresh baked goods and friendly people?

Last stop: Fu-Wah Mini Market – they somehow always have what you need.

9. How has your home changed from move-in day?

We put a lot of work and love into the house ourselves, including re-tiling the full bathroom, building a closet in the master bedroom and giving the kitchen a face lift. The hardwood floors have also been returned to their original finish, for which we can't take credit!

10. What's your favorite memory of your home? 

While exposing the original brick fireplace, Laura found an old postcard from June 20, 1942 with a sweet message written to one of the original homeowners. It reads, "I didn't forget you," and is now framed on our bookshelf.

11. What was the catalyst to you purchasing a new home?

Laura was sick of renovating all of the rentals she had lived in and then moving every year. She wanted a place to make her own.

12. What's your favorite piece of Philly culture? 

Rocco's. Yup, the place outside of Home Depot. It's our staple.

Mackenzie Blue