Chris & Keiko


Let us set the scene. A Beatles record on Vinyl, a Chef-inspired spread and a sunset on the patio. This is most nights for Chris, Keiko and their dog, Keeper. That, or they throw on a classic Will Farrell comedy for some much needed laughs after a long day. Although they have loved their time in Philly, Chris’ job is taking them out of state. Their time here has made this house a home. Here is their story.

Chris, Keiko + Keeper

1022 Fairmount Ave, Unit 2 | Spring Arts

Represented by Kristin McFeely


How would you describe your personal interior design style?
Simple, clean and comfortable. We also love antiquing mid century modern and rustic farmhouse pieces.

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?
Something by the Beatles on vinyl. It's our wedding song and we are just die-hard Beatles fans.

How would you describe your neighborhood?
Family-friendly, developing rapidly. In the city but full of greenery.

What was your non-negotiable when it came to finding your dream home?
Parking in the city!

What's your favorite room? Why?
Our living room. The wall of windows fills the room with light and makes you feel like you're outside on our patio which is surrounded by trees and greenery.

What is one thing you need in your home to make it yours?
Our dog, Keeper. He makes the house feel complete and nothing is better than receiving his greeting when you get home.

What makes you (or your family) laugh?
Anything Will Farrell.

If you could throw a theme party in your house, what would be the theme?
CHRIStmas Party, we have one every year. Chris's birthday is December 15th so we always combine his birthday with the Holidays to get all our friends to celebrate. With Chris being a chef, we are of course known for having the best food!

A day spent running around the neighborhood: what's your first stop and last stop?
First stop is the Northern Liberties Pool, last stop is Federal Donuts for a chicken sandwich!

How has your home changed from move-in day?
What's changed the most is that it a was brand new unit when we moved in and over the years we have filled it with love and upgrades.

What's your favorite memory of your home?
Our first Christmas! We loved decorating our new home and there was something special about lighting our first "big" tree.

What's your favorite piece of Philly culture?
Pretzels & cheese steaks!

What was the catalyst to you purchasing a new home?
Chris was offered the Executive Chef position at The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA. As much as we've loved Philly life over the past 9 years, we are ready for that country, outdoor lifestyle.

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