Amanda & Joe


Like all great tales, a series of serendipitous events led to where Joe and Amanda are today and their partnership with Philly Home Girls.

Let’s start 9 years ago. In 2007, Joe and Amanda had studied abroad in Italy during the same year, but it wasn’t yet time for them to cross paths. As it turns out, Amanda spent her time in Italy with the best friend of their Philly Home Girl, Sheena.


Anyway, Amanda and Joe both had a love of travel that they were already pursuing, but hadn’t managed to bump into each other just yet.

In 2009, Amanda also thought with the crash of the mortgage crisis, it was the perfect time to buy a house on quiet Dorrance Street. The block welcomed her with open arms rally together to keep the block clean, shovel snow, and string up Christmas lights.

Then as Joe and Amanda both were teaching middle school Social Studies, one in Wichita and the other in Philadelphia, they each applied for the same teacher exchange program to spend the summer of 2011 teaching in Northern Uganda. They were each selected to participate in the small program.

Once they met in Gulu, Uganda, they knew immediately that they had a connection drawing them toward each other. They grew as friends, having late night conversations and lots of laughter. They kept in touch after the trip and often talked about wanting to reunite.

Finally, during the summer of 2013, after Amanda returned from a trip to Kenya and Joe from Guatamala, they finally reunited and well… as far as their relationship story, the rest is history.

A year later, Joe made the move to join Amanda in South Philly into their Dorrance Street rowhome. The following year they were married, spending two months in Southeast Asia for their honeymoon. Some things have remained; they are both still traveling as often as possible, and still teaching middle school.

From the hand-carved sign welcoming people to their home in Swahili to the hand-painted papyrus scroll from Egypt, Amanda and Joe’s home reflects the many travels they have made. And each item tells a story. Continuing to the next step of their own story, they have an amazing opportunity to make the traveling a full-time lifestyle and teach at the American School of Kuwait.

Luckily, Amanda’s friend from her study abroad escapades in Italy so many years came back into the picture. She before reminded Amanda that her best friend Sheena was a realtor. Knowing both of us, she thought Philly Home Girls would be the perfect fit for our international move. During the first consult both Amanda and Joe knew PHG was the absolute right fit and immediately felt less overwhelmed by the list of tasks that lie ahead. Philly Home Girls have already put Amanda and Joe at ease taking them step by step through the process of selling a home for the first time. As an added bonus, Sheena responds to every one of Amanda’s ridiculous messages and laughs at all of Joe’s corny jokes. They are thrilled to continue their relationship with the Philly Home Girls. Because, truly, what more could you ask for in a realtor?

Mackenzie Blue